"Man will not wait passively for millions of years for evolution to offer him a better brain."

-Corneliu Girugea

The above quote is featured prominently on the site because it represents Nootroo’s perspective on the world, which is that we need to take matters into our own hands to constantly improve ourselves and not just resign to decline. Through our advances in technology and understanding of the world, we now have the tools available that can enable us to free ourselves from the biological limitations with which we have evolved. Availability of the tools is just a part of the equation, the mastery really lies in knowing how to use them, just as having a hammer does not make one a carpenter. Nootroo’s mission is to bring these tools and technology to the world in a way that is easy to swallow.

Nootropics give you the the ability to improve mental performance beyond baseline, but they are just once piece of optimal performance puzzle. In addition to nootropics, we recommend a protocol of meditation, exercise, diet and sleep that works synergistically to create a positive feedback loop of performance gains. You can read about the protocol here.

Nootroo was created in 2014 by Eric Matzner and a team of talented individuals of diverse backgrounds. Nootroo is dedicated to using the highest quality inputs available and providing a premium quality experience. We use no artificial colorings and cut no corners on providing the absolute best product possible and if your experience does not meet your expectations, then please contact us.

Nootroo is based and manufactured in San Francisco, California.

We love receiving questions and feedback, feel free to get in touch below!

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