Nootroo was founded to help others increase their cognitive abilities. The quote above is from the father of the nootropic concept and speaks to the philosophy that the brain has not physically changed in around 50,000 years and nor will it change again significantly within a reasonable time span, so we cannot stand by idly and wait, we must take the process of enhancing the brain into our own hands. The increase in high-level cognitive abilities is what helped us advance as individuals and as a society, yet there are significant constraints that remain in our brains due to historical evolutionary circumstances. One such type of bottleneck was the availability of essential nutrients due to seasonality and limitations on nutrient supply from the diet. Our brains had to evolve to function with the very minimum and even absence of certain nutrients or risk that we would die before we had a chance to resupply. In some cases the body and brain evolved internal”de novo” synthesis abilities, in others, the body and brain would simply limit certain processes until those nutrients became available again. With the advent of chemistry and our ability to understand our biology better, we began to create supplements to make sure that all vitamins (vital minerals) were available to the body. As we learned more, we discovered that not only could we meet our needs, but we could enhance the brain and work with it by providing more of the specific nutrients necessary for higher-level cognitive abilities.

It wasn’t until the discovery of piracetam in 1963 however, that we found a type of molecule that could safely and selectively enhance higher-level integrative activities in the brain. While others in the neuroscience field were (and still are) overly-focused on the targeting of specific receptors, a class of molecules which acted in multiple ways to enhance overall higher-level brain function were invented. Due to their unique mechanisms of action and properties, nootropics as a class never really found a fit within the wider medical establishment. The leaders of the nootropic field spent over a decade establishing the category and carrying out thousands of studies, looking for an ideal patient population to utilize nootropics. While the efficacy of nootropics was found in a number of populations, from dyslexics to Alzheimer’s to stroke patients, none of them really seemed to be an optimal use case or were considered targeted enough for widespread use. Even when they were utilized clinically, much of it was outside the United States. Further, there is no category in the medical field for the enhancement of healthy individuals and to this day, little research is done on enhancing healthy people.


Research continued on nootropics and more advanced, second and third generation molecules were created. And by the late 1990s and early 2000s, a new population of users had discovered the properties and power of these substances. As the internet spread, groups formed on message boards and forums, where these collective communities began to recognize the power of nootropic molecules to enhance their learning and memory abilities. For nearly two decades the discussions went on, accruing tens of thousands of reports, individual trials and ultimately a body of knowledge of what worked and what did not. While this corpus of information continued to expand, it remained difficult for lay people to distill usable information, safely source the ingredients, and figure out the optimal dosing to reap the benefits of nootropics. Having personally experienced their power and understanding their potential, in 2013, biohacker Eric Matzner launched Nootroo, to help bring the power of nootropics to the rest of the world. With a focus on creating the best possible products, with the highest possible quality ingredients and a promise to never cut corners, Nootroo has been leading the nootropics space ever since. Unable to find any non-artifical colored capsules to help us distinguish between the original Gold and Silver formulas, the original capsules actually included edible 23.5k gold flakes and pure silver flakes, hence why Nootroo became known as The Gold Standard in Nootropics and why our bottles and branding are all gold. And while we no longer use gold or silver flakes in the capsules (we use custom-made naturally occurring pigments), we still strive to provide the highest quality product possible (verified by 3rd party testing), and use no fillers or binding agents.

“Imagine a researcher invented an inexpensive drug which was completely safe and which improved all‐round cognitive performance by just 1%.  The gain would hardly be noticeable in a single individual.  But if the 10 million scientists in the world all benefited from the drug the inventor would increase the rate of scientific progress by roughly the same amount as adding 100,000 new scientists.”

-Nick Bostrom

The above quote inspires Nootroo’s mission, which is to enhance the brains of smart people so that they can tackle the pressing problems in the world. But it is not just about scientists, it is about anyone who has a desire to make themselves better, to not resign to allow your brain to decline, to expand the possibilities of what one can create in a lifetime. Nootropics offer us the abilities to be the best version of ourselves and to be able to continually expand upon that. The brain has no limit on how powerful it can be, and we hope to help you find out how powerful you can be.