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F*ck That Meditation

By March 19, 2016meditation

This is a meditation for those who don’t meditation, for those who can’t even… This is the kind of meditation we all want to listen to after one of those stressful days. It does use some profanity in it, but at the same time, it does it in an honest way. If you find regular meditating hard to get into or you are skeptical, this might be the meditation for you. (If you are easily offended, then this is probably not the meditation for you).

What is interesting about this meditation, is that even though it is done in a unique style that will likely make you laugh, the pacing and the effect are still dead on. This meditation actually does work on relaxing you and helping you let go of all the bullsh*t with each breath. Remember that none of the stress is worth it, exhale and say it with me, f*ck that…

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