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The Nootroo Protocol, is comprised of meditation, exercise, nootropics, diet and sleep. The idea is that you should have activity in each category every day. If that sounds time-consuming or impossible, then watch the video below to see my method to accomplish everything within 10 minutes of being awake.

Take a look at the video of me. Notice how I wake up with a special alarm, immediately take my Nootroo, then exercise, followed by a meditation.

It starts with sleep, and making sure that you wake up in the right phase of sleep. You can use an app like Sleep Cycle to make sure you wake up in the right phase of sleep. Then if you have your Nootroo nearby, with a cup of water, you can take it.

The 7 Minute workout comes from an article in the New York Times that summarized a scientific paper that looked to create an optimal workout, with all body weight exercises, no equipment, that would bring the heart rate to the right levels, while being as brief as possible.

I use a Muse EEG headset to monitor and enhance my meditation. You do not need fancy technology like that though to meditate. Try this three minute meditation (right now if you’d like), and see how you are transported in your mind and left more relaxed afterward.

Some of you out there may be wondering about how I am accomplishing diet? Well I, and you (unless you sleepwalk and eat food) have been fasting for the last 8 hours. Fasting and then exercising is one of the easiest ways to enter into a state of ketosis, where you are burning fat. I am pretty much continuously in ketosis (for the last 5 years), and by exercising I am burning off any carbs that I may have had and get my metabolism going for the morning.

So now your challenge is to try this out, see how many aspects of the protocol you can get done in the morning and throughout the day. Let me I and the team know your results, email us with any questions or @GetNootroo on twitter.

Lets see what you can do!