Nootroo Protocol

The Nootroo Protocol is a system by which an individual can achieve the maximum benefit from taking Nootroo.

It consists of the following:


You can use the acronym MENDS to remember it.

The protocol also suggests an order as a general guideline:

1. Monitor your sleep with an app like Sleep Cycle so you wake up during an optimal phase of sleep.
2. Upon waking get out of bed and take a Nootroo along with a full glass of water.
3.  After taking the Nootroo, proceed to meditate for at least 10 minutes.
4. Eat clean  (low-carb and low-sugar, high-fat (Ketogenic /Paleo)
5. Exercise (Heavy weight training or High-intensity interval training and brain training)

The Nootroo Protocol is designed to create a baseline in individuals so that they can maximize their gains in performance. All of the elements of the protocol work together synergistically.

As a subscriber to Nootroo individuals receive information and training to help optimize their output and performance.

We will be providing a much more in-depth description of the Protocol soon.