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Humanity will not wait millions of years until Mother Nature will hand it a functionally better brain...[Humankind] will directly, openly and consciously take part in evolution.

Corneliu Giurgea (1923-1995)Father of the Nootropic Concept

History & Discovery of Nootropics

To understand the nootropic concept, it necessary to understand how the search for a sleep aid, led to the formation of a class of agents that act directly "towards the mind."


Nootroo 5.0 & Ingredients

Nootroo Gold & Silver 5.0 contains both of our optimal nootropic stacks.

Nootroo 5.0

Protocol & Research

Dive into full-text studies on the nootropic concept, ingredients in Nootroo and how to bring it all together with the Nootroo Protocol


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