Hi and welcome to Nootroo and the Nootroo Protocol!

By purchasing Nootroo, you now have a powerful tool in the journey towards a better brain and optimal performance. But, like any tool, knowing how to use it makes all the difference, and that’s why we created the Nootroo Protocol, to help guide you along the way.

We the Nootroo Protocol we have attempted try and bring together all of the aspects of life that our research shows are required for optimal performance and to help get the most out of your nootropics.

We have distilled the many aspects down to 5 essential areas: Meditation, Exercise, Nootropics, Diet, & Sleep (MENDS). 

When your Nootroo arrives, 1-3 days from now, you will have the nootropics category covered, but you still have 4 other aspects you can work to optimize. And you can start with the instructions below.

The idea is not that you must do them all each day, but your goal is to fulfill as many as possible, as they generally have synergistic effects with each other. More information will be provided on the respective aspects once you receive your bottle and over time, but you can get started right now.

We hope you are ready to get this journey going and we are here to help you along the way with anything you need. Feel free to respond to any of these emails or reach out using the contact information on the website.

Choose 1 or more of the following to get started with the Nootroo Protocol:

  • Meditation: Click here for a quick-and-easy 2-minute meditation.
  • Exercise: Try this 7-minute workout that can be done anywhere and with no equipment. (iOS | Android)
  • Diet: Try not to eat any more carbs for the rest of the day and/or try fasting completely until tomorrow. If you are not ready for that, then at least try to measure what you are eating using this app (iOS | Android).
  •  Sleep: Download this sleep monitoring app (iOS | Android) right now, and use it tonight. Or if you are tired right now, try a power nap version (iOS/ | Android).

We are big fans of the Japanese concept “kaizen,” which means “continuous improvement.” There is no pressure on you to radically change your life right this second, but making small, incremental positive changes in your course each day, over time, results in dramatic shifts in behavior and performance. 

So, just try one of these little improvements for today and begin laying the foundation for optimal performance tomorrow and for when your Nootroo arrives.

Thank you again for choosing us and don’t forget to thank yourself for taking this step towards a better you.


Eric Matzner
Nootroo Founder & CEO